GANÉ launches its own fund following the model of the long-standing successful Value Event Fund: In the coming days, the fund management company GANÉ will change the investment concept of the GANÉ Global Balanced Fund, which was launched in December 2023 under the umbrella of GANÉ Investment-AG with sub-funds, from a defensive balanced fund to an offensive balanced fund.

Dr. Uwe Rathausky, CEO both of GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft and GANÉ Investment-AG with sub-funds, explains the move as follows: ”From the moment when our long-standing partner ACATIS terminated its contract with BN&P and thus indirectly with GANÉ AG, our phones have not stopped ringing. We have been receiving overwhelming support from investors, nevertheless they are unsettled as, since the termination, we no longer have any influence on the investment decisions of the Value Event Fund under the ACATIS umbrella. At the same time, ACATIS has no access to our investment methodology and cannot easily replicate it. Investors, however, trust our fund management. They want clarity and reliability and demand a quick solution. This is why GANÉ Investment-AG has decided to change the concept of the recently launched defensive mixed fund GANÉ Global Balanced Fund and adapt it to match that of the more offensive, multi-award-winning Value Event Fund.”

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