ACATIS GANÉ Value Event Fonds Aschaffenburg

ACATIS Value Event Fonds (by GANÉ)


GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft together with ACATIS Investment KVG mbH, Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank AG and Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH launched a flexible balanced fund in 2008. This fund serves as a basic long-term investment for our investors.

Why should you invest in the ACATIS Value Event Fonds (former ACATIS GANÉ Value Event Fonds, until 30/09/2022) (WKN A0X754, ISIN DE000A0X7541)?

We invest in winners.

It means that we invest in strong companies with sustainable business models, solid balance sheets and high margins, which allows them to create added value for their shareholders. We keep risks low and invest only when our commitment is inspired by a positive event. This is what we call the combination of Value and Event.

Our fund will benefit from a variable rate of investment in shares, bonds and cash. We aim for steady performance with lower volatility than the stock market. We invest globally with a focus on Europe, especially German-speaking countries, and the USA. We act independently of individual industries, size classes or index membership of companies.

Performance since inception per calendar year (Share class A)


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The performance figures take into account all costs in accordance with the BVI method.​ Source: Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH. Further Information is available on our website as well as on »Contact GANÉ« or »Contact ACATIS«.


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Tranche Y: Swiss Franc l TF Clean Share Class l Distribution

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