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Social Commitment

GANÉ supports World Vision Deutschland e.V.

GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft has experienced successful growth since it was founded in 2007. This success is the result of actions undertaken by individuals. It is all in our hands. We can achieve our goals by working hard and making decisions every day. We also benefit from the right environment, namely the kind of stable climatic, political, economic and social conditions that are found in Germany. Many children and young people in the world are not so fortunate. We want to help them.

It is both our mission and also our duty to be a reliable partner of communities. For this reason, GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft has assumed a child sponsorship “Future for Children” as part of the aid organisation World Vision for each completed business year since its founding. We support children from developing countries, their families and their environment in the fight against poverty and injustice, regardless of ethnic background, religion or nationality, with a focus on approaches that generate noticeable long-term effects according to the “Help to Self-Help” principle.

Regular letters, which are also accompanied by pictures, show the positive development of the children, families and their village community. Food, clothing, medicine and accommodation are secured, giving rise to a sense of self-sufficiency, and wells and educational facilities are being built to permanently break through the vicious cycle of poverty. We are happy to do our part towards improving the lives of some of the children. They want to lead independent and self-determined lives and pursue their own individual goals.