The ACATIS GANÉ Value Event Fonds UI fund has been on the market for nine years and has achieved an increase of 148% since it was set up. Measured against the period of time, this corresponds to an average return of 11% per year. In the process, the asset-management mixed fund showed average volatility of only 8% over the entire term. The fund has closed each full calendar year with positive results: 2009 (32%), 2010 (18%), 2011 (2%), 2012 (13%), 2013 (8%), 2014 (7%), 2015 (7%), 2016 (3%) and 2017 (9%). The fund volume amounts to EUR 1.772 million (as of 31/12/2017). The quarterly distribution for tranche C will be increased by 6 per cent to 9.50 euros for each share certificate. «Press Release-Download»