The asset allocation balanced fund was issued by GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft in cooperation with ACATIS Investment GmbH on 15 December 2008 and offers investors a basic investment option for long-term and balanced investment. Fund managers Dr Uwe Rathausky and J. Henrik Muhle seek to achieve returns similar to those achievable on equity, but with a continuity that gives investors peace of mind in all phases of the market. The global fund has a rating of five stars from Morningstar (the top rating) and a fund rating of 1 from Finanzen Verlag (the top rating). It is a Lipper Leader in two areas (total return and consistent return) and has received multiple awards (such as Lipper Fund Awards). With a return of 94% since its launch and a volatility of 8%, the fund regularly tops the performance rankings. Annualised return is 14%. The fund has closed each full calendar year with positive results: 2009 (32%), 2010 (18%), 2011 (2%), 2012 (13%) and 2013 (8%). The fund size is 803 million euros (figures correct as at 31 December 2013). «Press Release-Download»