The ACATIS GANÉ Value Event Fonds UI has received approval from the authorities for distribution in the Netherlands. The existing authorisations for distribution in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain are thus supplemented by another European country. The asset allocation balanced fund was issued by GANÉ Aktiengesellschaft in cooperation with ACATIS Investment GmbH and offers investors a basic investment option for long-term and balanced investment. Fund managers Dr Uwe Rathausky and J. Henrik Muhle seek to achieve returns similar to those achievable on equity, but with a continuity that gives investors peace of mind in all phases of the market. With a return of 101% since its launch and a volatility of 8%, the fund regularly tops the performance rankings. Annualised return is 13%. The fund has closed each full calendar year with positive results: 2009 (32%), 2010 (18%), 2011 (2%), 2012 (13%) and 2013 (8%). In 2014 the return year to date has been 3.7%. The fund size is 899 million euros (figures correct as at 13 August 2014). «Press Release-Download»